Photo de Psykohm

Mystic zone

Psy Groovy to Forest

DJ, Producer and sound engineer, Psykohm grew up surrounded by music through his father, a jazz musician, and the Brazilian influence coming from his mother. One thing leading to another, he begins to learn and listen to all sorts of music that comes his way. Fond of Dub, he starts mixing and soon falls in love with the philosophy and sound of Psytrance that he discovers at a festival. While studying sound engineering in 2016, he started producing his own tracks from HipHop to Dub and of course Psytrance. Along with his studies, Psykohm further develops his musical project and becomes an active member and a DJ for an organisation called "Les Basses Tardent". He performs in several cities including Paris, Lille, Nantes, Toulouse and Montpellier where he meets up with the label Kingdom Blaster. He then signed his first contract with them and, in 2019, released his first track ‘Jungle trip’ featured on the VA Blasterz United. Since then, he is hard at work perfecting his style oscillating between psychedelic groove and atmospheric forest.