Toxy Cue

Photo de Toxy Cue

Toxy'Cue is a french DJ/Producteur, co-founder of Label Psykedream and also actif member of Euphorik Sound System. A name, two projects : the first is oriented Psytrance, an atmosphere dark served by more mental leads than the others and bassline of the most purring. The second is oriented Acid Downtempo, it will directly buries yourself in depths of his universe Chill. In 2011, he began with learning of DJing with a wide range of styles. In 2012, he presents for the first time the Toxy'Cue project on stage. His Psytrance Live borns in 2013, and his frist Live Chill-Out two years later. He has got as producer two EP and one release has to his name. Since 2011, he plays his projects in many festivals like Tantra Festival, Son Libre or Stone Moon Festival.