The Psychedelic Trance project ZERIDIUM was created by the young French man Joan Boucheteil from Toulouse. He did his first Psytrance party in 2009 in Goa, Anjuna Beach. After travelling the whole world for 4 years and getting inspired by all the beauties surrounding him, he finally settled in France where he started to produce his own psychedelic music. He first released an EP with the Brazilian Psytrance label "Sharp Noise Records". He then signed up in 2017 with Sahman Records, one of the major Fullon music label in France. Some of his remarkable tracks went into the top 20 charts on Beatport and he is constantely producing and releasing greater cutting'edge Fullon Psytrance track travelling at the speed of 145 to 147bpm. He combines the sound from Analog to Digital together with tribal percussion, metalic FM and electrifying melodies which will take you to the next level of the journey.