Late Night Tales


Groove side

At dusk, in an unknown location, three figures gather around a campfire, brought together by fate. Hailing from distant destinies, they share their stories. One has lived in darkness, lost amidst rocks, minerals, and echoes. Frequently challenged by a perpetual shadow that became their companion, oppressed by the omnipresence of invisible walls. Another has journeyed through infinity and void, traversing the realm of nothingness, encountering rare glimpses of light and matter. Pushing the physical boundaries of their existence, they seek to decipher the meaning of life through science, employing their solitude as a vessel for discovery. The third is an ancient being, nurtured by wilderness and myths. They are intertwined with the living, grounded in its power, and blossoming through their leaves. They perceive wisdom as an inherent truth, woven into their surroundings—a presence that is accessible through attentive observation. Brimming with wisdom, hopes, and fears, these figures will transcend their individualities, joining their collective experiences to embark upon an indescribable mystery.

Track list

Radioactive Caves
Space Odyssey
Ancient Call