Papang Feather

Various Artists

Mystic zone

Compiled by Zamalgamme
The second ChronoZone Records VA has landed! Following on the exploration of the submarine world with ‘The Seabed's Crying’, let’s now fly over a land anchored to the Indian Ocean: The Reunion Island. In the 17th century, a “brown” slave named Anchaing, was suffering from his miserable treatment. Everyday felt the same and Anchaing was dreaming of freedom. He was in love with Héva, also aspiring to be set free. One day, Anchaing and Héva defied the colonial empire and fled to the Salazie cirque mountains. The colonial empire would not let this affront go unpunished, and sent a hunter to find the fleeing couple. Anchaing and Héva were living a peaceful and simple life, protected by ancient, million years old, walls. Unfortunately, Salazie didn’t save the couple from their destiny. One day, the hunter was pointing his gun at Anchaing. Anchaing however had no intention to fall under the hunter’s firearm so he lured him at the peak of a volcano where he used to admire the country’s beauty. Once he reached the culminating point, Anchaing jumped off and claimed his freedom. The legend says that he turned into a Papang “The Legends Bird'', leaving behind its chains and a feather. ‘Papang Feather’ tells the stories of The Reunion Island’s folklore. Through a Groovy and Forest compilation, our artists will take you on a musical journey inspired by the land’s mysticism.

Track list

Rise Of The Rapacious Humanoid Disco Machines
Primary Lab & Champirolls
Mission Bulbul
Primary Lab & Synodic Period
Piton's Peak
Shaving Sharks
Zamal Jungle
Circus Maillardi
Zamalgamme & Sneaky Monkey
Jungle Atlantide