Photo de Champirolls

Mystic zone

Dark Progressive / Forest Progressive Live Act

Champirolls is a Dark Progressive musical project created by Julien in 2015. He discovered Psytrance music a few years ago and is quickly captivated by the enigmatic nature of these rhythms and soundscapes. He started to compose his firsts tracks, shortly thereafter starts learning DJing and creates various sets mixing his favorites artists and his own productions. Since then, he plays in various locals parties and private events, refining his style, developing his skills. After having released two EPs with Pistolero Recordings (Croatia) and tracks on various compilations, he joins ChronoZone Records (France) and released his third EP "Corporated Alien" in December 2021. Highly influenced by the energy of Hitech music, the deep atmosphere of Forest and the powerful groove of Progressive he is always ready to break the rules and offers through his performances an intense trip in the depths of Darkprog.